Performance Marketing Insider Interview with ScrubKit CEO Brian McLevis

If you truly want to know what drives the team behind ScrubKit and the values and overall philosophy we all fiercely adhere to, then you need look no further than the following interview our consummate CEO and fearless leader, Brian McLevis, had with the good folks over at Performance Marketing Insider. The first two questions and answers are located below, but for the full interview — and quite literally the most in-depth and insightful view into how ScrubKit has come so far in such short a time — simply click right here.


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“How did you get started in the performance marketing industry?”

“I actually got my initial taste of Internet/Affiliate Marketing back in late 2006. My brother – who works at a well-known adult dating site – turned me on to an automated bot that created accounts, sent messages and did all of the basic MySpace functions on autopilot. At the time, MySpace was still a fledgling company and their code was, well… it was pretty weak and full of loopholes. As such, it was extremely exploitable and thankfully (at least for me) made them very ‘spammable’.

“I was working as a systems/network admin in the professional arena at the time. Fortunately, I possessed the technical knowledge and knowhow to take full advantage of this new discovery and scale it wide open. Before you knew it, I was running 12 different servers 24/7/365 and pushing 3,000 GB xfer/mo through the Internet pipes, ultimately generating something like 30,000 uniques a DAY to my landers.

“A ‘baptism by fire’ my wife calls it and I couldn’t agree more. I was thrust into the online world of making money online and, as is the usual in this industry, I absolutely loved it and became obsessed.

“What made you interested in starting a fraud protection tool for the performance marketing industry?”

“Scrubkit was initially a tool designed for the sole purpose of protecting my CPA network, Envyus Media. When that venture first started out, I realized (much to my dismay) that fraud ran rampant and roughshod all throughout the industry. I never in my wildest dreams knew there would be that many people trying to defraud companies out of billions of dollars a year. It was a rude awakening, indeed!

“Chris, who is the developer and co-founder of Scrubkit ended up saying to me, “Why don’t we just turn this into a system that we lease out?” And that essentially kicked off the creation and development of Scrubkit.

“Believe it or not, the Fraud/Risk Management arena is actually an extremely fun space to operate in. I’m the type of person who, if told they can’t do something, will do whatever it takes to achieve the impossible – sometimes just to prove you wrong. It’s similar in regards to fraudsters. They believe that they’re so smart and dedicate themselves to continuously proving that they can fraud networks and constantly get away with it.

“Thanks to my highly technical professional background as a systems and network admin though – along with the overall hax0ring experience I learned and cultivated since I was at the ripe old age of 13 – I’m able to essentially stay two steps ahead of these fraudsters. It’s unreal. I’ll wake up in the middle of the night sometimes, stumble to my computer and jot down a few ideas of how we can strengthen and improve our system.

“I eat, sleep and breathe fraud/risk management now. And I love it.”

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Simply click right here to read the rest of the interview.

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