An Exclusive Inside Look at the New ScrubKit T-Shirt Design!

One of the most popular features offered here at ScrubKit — besides our consummate and industry-leading CPA fraud and risk management product, of course — is our fantastic and ridiculously awesome t-shirt designs. If you’re anybody whose anybody in the industry then you may very well have already received a couple of them in the past few months at one of the Affiliate Summit events. If not, have no fear, because we’re planning on printing these bad boys out like it’s our job (which, well… it technically is!) over the coming months.

But since we’re always looking to improve everything to the absolute maximum over here at ScrubKit HQ, we’ve gone ahead and implemented a brand-new t-shirt design that — just like everything else we do — we’re certain you’re going to love and go positively frigging bananas over.

Provided below is a step-by-step picture process of the t-shirts journey/birth into the world. Incredibly witty cheesy captions have also been provided for your entertainment.

“Arguably the most crucial part of the process: choosing the right paint colors!”

“And this right here kids, is where all the magic happens!”

“Ahh… technology!”

“…almost there!”

“Game. Set. Match!”

Pretty cool, no? Speaking of which, should you find yourself in the market for t-shirt or apparel design of any and all kinds, you really can’t do any better than our good friend (and consummate t-shirt/apparel design extraordinaire) Carlos over at C&A Embroidery. As you can see in the pictures above, he does fine, fine work and if you accept nothing but the best like us, you’d do well to look him up should the need arise.

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