Welcome to the ScrubKit CPA Fraud Revolution!

Fraud has unfortunately had a constant and well-grounded presence in the Internet Marketing industry for seemingly forever. So much so that many CPA network, offer and advertiser owners seemed to simply give up trying to rid their networks or offers of existing fraud and instead go with a live and let live approach. In essence, it was giving up and admitting that since they couldn’t do anything about CPA fraud, they would simply no longer worry about it at all.

Surely this has obvious ramifications in that — while maybe freed of the worrying and constant gnawing that money is being lost — this mindset is ultimately giving in to the penalty of making less money. Not only that, but it’s also giving way to the breakdown of relationships — whether they be on the network or offer side of the fence.

Now, don’t go thinking that we’re trying to insult any network or offer owners that have given in like this over the years — indeed, it was practically inevitable what with the extreme lack of CPA fraud and risk management solutions available in the past.

Thankfully such dark times have come to an end thanks to ScrubKit.

We’ve gone on record numerous times before — both on this blog itself and other sites as well — in regards to just how much we abhor CPA fraudsters. In our opinion, they’re the lowest of the low — essentially akin to robbers and thieves who are either too lazy or too afraid to try and make it legitimately in the online marketing realm.

You’ve also no doubt noticed that we have an extremely high opinion of our product. And with good reason, as it is the most deeply complex and effective CPA fraud tool the world has ever seen. Throw in the fact that we’re constantly evolving and tweaking it in order to constantly stay two steps ahead of these fraudsters, and you’ve got not only a CPA fraud and risk management tool that can talk the talk, but also walk the walk. While carrying a baseball bat.

We’re not just out to maybe/hopefully clean up a small portion of the industry in regards to those who decide to subscribe with us. No, it’s our passion and ultimate goal — a goal that we will achieve eventually no matter what it takes — to rid the CPA marketing industry of fraud for good. We want the fraudsters to eventually give up and start running with their tale in between their legs. If that sounds like an entirely-too-grandiose goal then, well… I guess you don’t know our team very well.

It’s time to put our collective foot down and take the fight back at the fraudsters and proclaim that the industry does not have to put up with their tactics and stealing any longer. It’s time to officially mark the beginning of the ScrubKit CPA Revolution.

Will you be joining us?

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