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Over the last several months, the issue of fraud within the CPA industry has garnered much attention, thanks largely in part to an excellent, practically unparalleled fraud and risk management system called ScrubKit. I daresay you’ve heard of them. And if you haven’t, well… maybe you should think about moving someplace that’s not under a large rock.

While many networks – or more specifically, many network owners – oftentimes try and pretend their particular network doesn’t have a problem with fraud, the fact of the matter is that it’s a problem for any and all of them industry-wide. To say that your network doesn’t have a problem with fraudsters is essentially akin to saying that Antarctica doesn’t have a problem with cold weather. It’s just an asinine statement and usually comes across as arrogant and extremely close-minded.

As this fine industry we all know and love (see also: are obsessed with yet hate) ages, the problem of internet marketing fraud has only grown larger and more complex. Whereas before the CPA fraud underground was made up of but a relatively small amount of people who were by no means organized or cerebral (if you will) about what they did, these days, fraud is legitimately a full-time job for some people and has naturally grown infinitely more complex and educated with time. As such, it’s not unreasonable to say that it’s more important than ever before for networks to utilize a fraud and risk management solution. And not just any fraud and risk management solution – the best CPA fraud and risk management solution, hands down: ScrubKit.

Utilizing an ever-changing and constantly evolving array of complex formulas, algorithms and databases, ScrubKit ultimately can give you the peace of mind in knowing that your network now has a handle on its formerly out-of-control fraud problem. In layman’s terms, you can actually start sleeping at night in lieu of lying awake and going over in your head how much money you’re losing to fraudsters by way of counting sheep.

We have an extremely passionate, no-nonsense take on fraud here at ScrubKit, and it’s directly stemming from this passion for fighting CPA fraud that our product has become so very popular so very quickly. Which isn’t to understate the effectiveness and consummate results that the software has proven to exhibit thus far. We feel that to truly combat and ensure fraud will never become as big a problem ever again, we must do so as a team. And it’s from this philosophy that we’ve implemented some of ScrubKit’s best features and flags – what with our open-door policy in regards to our clients suggesting or requesting new features relating to their direct experience with managing and eliminating fraud on their own personal network with the service.

We could go on for days and days regaling you with how wonderful, effective and peerless ScrubKit truly is. However, we have a feeling you’re all already aware of this full-well. So why waste any more time? Why not go and sign-up for a risk-free demo and see for yourself exactly what ScrubKit can do for you by clicking right here?

We look forward to working with you and are confident we’ll be in touch soon.

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