It’s Official: LinkTrust Joins the ScrubKit CPA Fraud Revolution!

It’s a great day for the CPA industry today, folks. On the other hand, it’s most certainly a horrible day for the online marketing fraud underground. You may have heard rumblings over the past few days and weeks in regards to the news, but we’re proud to make it official right here and now on our official blog:

LinkTrust has officially partnered up with ScrubKit and is now fully-integrated with our software in order to bring anti-fraud protection and peace of mind to a countless number of networks and advertisers. With the good folks over at LinkTrust now aboard, that now brings the total number of integrated tracking platforms on ScrubKit to quite a few including CAKE, HasOffers, EFFECTUS, iTrackOffers, and various Custom Platforms.

We’re incredibly excited and pleased to have LinkTrust finally on board with us here at ScrubKit. Just like us, their reputation and work ethic truly speaks for itself and there’s a reason they’re considered one of the premier tracking platforms in the game today.

In case you’re an aforementioned network or advertiser who’s using LinkTrust and are intrigued to learn just what ScrubKit can help you accomplish, allow us to give you a brief breakdown of some of the core benefits.

Essentially, ScrubKit is a fully-automated and extremely complex analytical system that effectively allows you to detect any and all kinds of affiliate fraud. Thanks to our easy-to-use and color-coded interface, you can easily and conveniently monitor fraudulent activity on your network, offer or advertising company 24-7-365.

Thanks to a consistently evolving and expanding database of complex algorithms, formulas and notification “triggers”, ScrubKit can instantly enable you to not only help eliminate fraud on your own network or offer(s), but also join a group of like-minded companies who have had enough with CPA fraudsters and have joined the ScrubKit CPA fraud revolution in order to finally bring the fight back to them.

The LinkTrust tracking platform integration exists just as our other integration partners — via a plug-and-play setup complete with a non-committal month-to-month contract.

Please feel free to click right here to sign-up for a risk-free demo and see for yourself what makes ScrubKit the definitive fraud and risk management solution in the industry today. We truly look forward to working with you and once again would like to congratulate LinkTrust on making such an excellent, sound, business decision.

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