Got Form Filling Fraud Services? (Why Yes, Yes We Do!)

While these blog posts usually try and pertain to as large a percentage of people as possible, this post — aptly titled, “Why you need a form filling fraud service” will essentially be for advertisers or other offer owners. Namely advertisers or offer owners possessing form filling-esque offers (obviously).

But let’s get right on topic and talk about why you need a form filling fraud service — and more specifically — why you need ScrubKit as your form filling fraud service in particular.

In regards to the form filling fraud service industry as a whole, it’s not very big. Besides ScrubKit, most form filling fraud services don’t really offer much in the way of fraud and risk management — mainly just whether or not particular data submitted in said fields is on a massive list of known-to-be-fraudulent names and addresses and whatnot.

ScrubKit however, takes things to the next level. Not only does it analyze all of the data submitted in the form fields, but also specific information in regards to the target surfer in question. Their IP address, who their Internet Service Provider (ISP) is, even if the surfer is using a proxy or other IP cloaking device to hide where they’re really coming from.

ScrubKit quite literally takes things to an entirely different level. With ScrubKit as your form filling fraud service, you can analyze every single data point imaginable in a mere 5-10 minutes. And with every unique hit on your offer showing up color-coded to simplify and ease your decision on whether or not they’re a risk, it’s incredibly easy-to-use as well.

You surely don’t need to be told how stressful and hectic it can be trying to stay one step ahead of fraudsters in regards to your form field filling offer. We at ScrubKit are extremely passionate about combating and stopping fraud in its tracks and while it may sound sensationalized, we can assure you with the utmost confidence and assurance that ScrubKit should be your first and last decision when it comes to choosing a form filling fraud service.

End of story!

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