ScrubKit/HasOffers Compatibility Now Officially Confirmed!

We know many of you out there have been waiting with baited breath for us to finally integrate compatibility of ScrubKit with the highly-lauded (and much respected) tracking platform, HasOffers.

We’ve been hard at work on this as well as a multitude of other features and evolution’s to the ScrubKit platform (per the usual), and we’re beyond excited to finally announce such a partnership to you all.

That’s right — complete ScrubKit and HasOffers compatibility and integration has now officially become a reality, much to the chagrin of the CPA fraud underground everywhere.

As if all this weren’t enough, said integration goes well beyond what one might deem a simple compatibility merger, as HasOffers customers now have the unique ability to literally “flick a switch” in order to enable ScrubKit directly from their user interface. It really just goes to show you just how evolved and advanced things are becoming in the industry-wide fight against CPA fraud. A fight that, coincidentally, ScrubKit is at the head of, amassing the troops, leading the charge, and sounding the call for battle.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled in the coming days, weeks and months for even more official ScrubKit feature and compatibility announcements, because we can assure you that we’ve got even bigger and better things cooking — so stay tuned!

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