Happy Valentine’s Day From ScrubKit!

Out of any holiday that any culture or country has throughout the world, Valentine’s Day is perhaps the one most directly related to our beloved marketing industry. Think about it — it was literally created as a way to make money and have people buy overpriced cards, candy and flowers. It’s frigging genius.

Whereas most other holidays exist as a way for the “people” as a whole to commune together with their friends and family and be thankful for what they have and have worked for. Valentine’s Day on the other hand is just a marketing ploy (touche, Hallmark, touche!) and a day where guys do their absolute best to ensure they get laid that night via thoughtful, romantic gifts, dinners or roses are red, violets are blue poems.

But alas, tis not a day for you to be sitting here reading a blog post. Go spend it with that special someone (see also: your “Valentine”) — and if you don’t have one of those people this year, well… just get so drunk that you forget about it and pass out. Problem solved!

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