The Scrubkit “Competition”

While we don’t get asked about it all the time, you can imagine that some people actually do approach us wondering if we could point them in the direction of another CPA fraud and risk management solution alternative to ScrubKit. Namely one that doesn’t cost as much or doesn’t require them to actually pay attention to the traffic flowing in and out of their network.

Unfortunately — as much as we would like to have another viable service to recommend at a lesser pricing point — there simply doesn’t exist one. And from the looks of things, there never will. ScrubKit simply operates on an entirely different plateau than anyone else and to call the other services competition is actually — at least in our opinion — an insult to us.

When it all comes down to it, there simply isn’t another CPA fraud and risk management solution on the market today that offers all of the all-encompassing, constantly evolving and expanding features that ScrubKit does. End of story.

On the pricing front, we certainly understand that some companies can’t afford our services. Unfortunately, though, we hope that this very blog can help get the point across that it isn’t really an option of simply not using ScrubKit because you can’t afford it. If you think about it, you’re actually going to be saving much more money than you’re currently spending in the long run thanks to being able to identity, locate and terminate current fraud — in addition, of course, to protecting against any such intrusion for the future.

Obviously if you can’t afford ScrubKit than you can’t afford it. But at this point in time, we’d like to hopefully remind you that you shouldn’t simply write off ScrubKit’s services in the future if this is the case. You’re going to need us if you truly want to never worry about (not to mention waste money on) fraud ever again. So feel free to click right here and bookmark the page — because as soon as you’re able to afford ScrubKit and try out one of our risk-free demos, you’re going to want to pull the trigger.

As in, like… immediately.

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