Bring the Fight to Fraudsters With ScrubKit!

There’s nothing worse than pointlessly wasting your hard-earned money. And in no industry is this more prevalent and practically accepted as normal than in the Internet marketing industry. It’s not normal and it shouldn’t happen. Maybe this was an acceptable … Continue reading

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Isn’t It About Time You Solved Your Leadgen Fraud Problems?

Because of the nature of leadgen offers, many people don’t think that a leadgen fraud solution is even very plausible. Sure, some blatantly false fields of information can be vetted out — such as an obviously deceased person or someone … Continue reading

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ScrubKit Wants… YOU!

What’s up, guy? How goes the battle? What’s that? Pretty bad? Well, yeah — it would be going bad for you if you were trying to run a CPA network or offer/advertising company without the comprehensive fraud and risk protection … Continue reading

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The Definitive CPA Network Fraud Experts — ScrubKit!

Own your own CPA marketing network or looking for network fraud experts to help with a network you help run? Well, hopefully you haven’t been looking long, because you’ve just stumbled on the only fraud and risk management solution you’ll … Continue reading

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