About Us

We put you in complete control of your network by allowing you to detect fraudulent activity instantly.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide network owners with the tools needed to combat fraudulent activity. We believe that if every network can effectively eliminate fraud it would make for a much better industry as a whole. We plan to help better the industry by cleaning up the garbage and eliminating fraud.

Why Scrubkit is Needed

Networks usually run “blind” or rely on internal fraud protection functions of the tracking system vendor. Running blind will never get you anywhere and will always leave you thinking and wondering if publishers are sending legitimate traffic. The internal fraud protection functions of any tracking system is simply not enough — the default tools just don’t provide the cutting edge technology Scrubkit offers. We are always two steps ahead of the most sophisticated fraudsters and when you are on board with Scrubkit you are protected. You will eliminate fraud on your network — period. End of story!

Why Scrubkit is so Powerful

Fraudsters are constantly and consistently evolving, ensuring that fraud is an ongoing and ever-changing cat-and-mouse game. As fraudsters develop increasingly more sophisticated methods and as the tools that are used to commit such fraud become more widely and easily available, something must be done to protect your network. And it goes much beyond simply spot checking conversions on a manual basis. They’ve always said keep your friends close but your enemies closer… Scrubkit not only helps you keep your enemies very close, but also identifies said enemies who’re deceptively trying to pass themselves off as a friend.

Why Scrubkit Can Help You

We do everything in our power to ensure a positive and fulfilling relationship — not only in constantly evolving our fraud-monitoring system but also in ensuring you understand and appreciate the process. We’re strong believers in customer service here at Scrubkit and we’re supremely dedicated and confident we’ll represent the only fraud monitoring option for affiliate networks in the not-too-distant-future.

Scrubkit’s Final Thoughts

Fraudsters are used to operating within the realm of darkness, deceit and lies. We’re here to shine a permanent and ever-shining light on said fraudsters for all of the industry to see. Just make sure you’re behind us when we shine the light on these scumbags or you may be left in the dark along with the rest… forever.

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