Sign Up For a Risk-Free ScrubKit Demo TODAY!

We’ve talked a lot about what ScrubKit can do for you here on these very pages. If you’re still curious or have yet to read many of the posts, feel free to peruse the archives where you’ll find no doubt … Continue reading

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Why Try ScrubKit?

There’s understandably quite a lot of “frequently asked questions” in regards to the ScrubKit service as a whole. No doubt because of the combination of the fact that it works and is so effective while also rapidly taking the CPA … Continue reading

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It’s Time You Put a Stop to CPA Fraud Today with the Help of ScrubKit!

Forget about managing and trying to prevent fraud. Those days are over. Now that ScrubKit is on the scene, you can effectively stop fraudulent activity to your CPA network or offer entirely by simply signing up as a subscriber!

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The Leadgen Fraud Solution

Because of the nature of leadgen offers, many people don’t think that a leadgen fraud solution is even very plausible. Sure, some blatantly false fields of information can be vetted out — such as an obviously deceased person or someone … Continue reading

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Performance Marketing Fraud 101

It’s pretty much common knowledge that there is an all-prevalent problem with performance marketing fraud in the online marketing industry. Anyone who comments otherwise is usually an owner of a CPA network in its beginning stages who is simply in … Continue reading

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Need Cake Fraud Protection?

It’s common knowledge by now, but the Cake tracking system is arguably the best, most effective and highly-regarded in the entire industry. If not the entire world. And this doesn’t come without good reason. Not only is it an amazingly … Continue reading

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Bring the Fight to Fraudsters With ScrubKit!

There’s nothing worse than pointlessly wasting your hard-earned money. And in no industry is this more prevalent and practically accepted as normal than in the Internet marketing industry. It’s not normal and it shouldn’t happen. Maybe this was an acceptable … Continue reading

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