Cleanse your network of fraudulent activity and build strong relationships with your clients.

  • Effectively eliminate fraudulent, diluted, and fake conversions
  • Dashboard view of all fraudulent activity displayed in real time
  • Protect your network on every level: Network, Affiliate, Offer, & SubID
  • Create an unprecedented trusting relationship with all of your clients

We don’t believe in selling you our service and simply going our separate ways. No, we’re proud, confident, and obsessed with this system because it works so extremely well. Because of this, once we sell you our product, know full-well that we’ll be standing by, essentially on-call to assist you wherever, whenever, and however we can. It’s just the way we believe things should be done.

Our team of experts are constantly two steps ahead of the latest fraud methods and tools which in turn helps us evolve our technology and help you stay two steps ahead of fraudsters alongside us. Our database combined with the numerous resources we tap into is hands-down the best in the industry! We allow you to sleep better at night so you can focus on your business more clearly during the day.


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