Meet ScrubKit, the Definitive CPA Fraud and Risk Management Utility!

If you’re in the market for a fraud risk service, no matter whether you’re a CPA network, offer or advertising company owner, then you’ve very likely already heard of ScrubKit. Indeed, you may very well have been wondering what all the fuss was all about. Just why everyone seems to be going goo-goo and gah-gah over this new fraud risk service to take the space by storm.

Well, let’s take a closer look at why ScrubKit is the definitive fraud risk service for you, shall we?

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Meet ScrubKit, The Premier Fraud Risk Company In The Game Today

It hasn’t always been the case, but there’s been more and more talk about fraud and risk management in the Internet marketing industry as of late. Partly because of the fact that fraud has become such an exponentially larger and more complicated problem over the years, but also because of us. That’s right, being the premier fraud risk company in the industry, we’ve already caused quite the stir in the online marketing game with our fraud combating efforts.

The fact remains though, ScrubKit is the premier fraud risk company in the space these days. And if you’re not with us, then you really ought to second guess that decision before it’s too late Continue reading

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The CPA Fraud and Risk Management Industry

The CPA fraud and risk management industry has been around for nearly as long as CPA marketing has existed. Unfortunately for almost all involved, there haven’t been many all-encompassing CPA fraud and risk management tools that ¬†have managed to offer an entirely efficient solution to the problem at hand.

This isn’t to say that every CPA fraud and risk management product ever created has been terrible. As we’ve said time and time again, there have been — and exist currently — many tools that strive to accomplish one or two things quite well. As we all know full-well, though, fraud is not a problem that can be attacked from only one or two fronts. It must be attacked from all fronts, whilst constantly remaining in an offensively defensive state of readiness.

Such a state of readiness has never been offered by any CPA fraud tools on the market ever before. Or at least, not until ScrubKit arrived on the scene.

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Looking For CPA Network Fraud Experts?

Own your own CPA marketing network or looking for network fraud experts to help with a network you help run? Well, hopefully you haven’t been looking long, because you’ve just stumbled on the only fraud and risk management solution you’ll ever need…


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Looking For The Best CPA Fraud Detection Utility?

When most people think or hear of fraud detection in this industry, they almost always assume that it’s more or less primarily a network problem. And while this is indeed the case for the most part, advertisers and those who own offers that operate within the CPA realm are just as much in need of capable fraud detection methods than network owners. Whichever way you coat it though, both companies are losing money to fraudsters at the end of the day. And as such, a fraud detection service is usually the only way to finally help remedy things.

Or rather — in the interests of being more specific — signing on with ScrubKit is the only way to finally help remedy things.

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The Risks of Not Utilizing a High-Quality CPA Network Solution

Many CPA network, offer and advertiser owners oftentimes simply write off the fraud problem they know is ever-prevalent on their network or offer(s) simply because it’s convenient. If they don’t think about it too much, they won’t worry about it as much. It’s like the old saying goes, “Out of sight, out of mind.”

Except in this particular case… it’s more akin to, “Out of wallet, say goodbye forever.” And do you really and truly want to subscribe to a pansy-fairy kind of philosophy like that? We sure don’t!

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What Can ScrubKit Do For You?

You’re likely asking yourself what ScrubKit can do for you. No doubt you’ve heard of us at some point in your affiliate networking travels and endeavors the last few months. We’re a revolutionary and trailblazing new fraud and risk management solution that’s fully committed to ridding fraud from this industry for good. Or at least making it so that fraud is no longer such a complete and all-encompassing waste of your valuable time.

So what can ScrubKit do for you? Well, let’s take a look, shall we?

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