ScrubKit and Your Bottom Line

It’s practically common knowledge by now that ScrubKit is hands down the best CPA fraud and risk service in the industry today. And if you didn’t already know then… well, now you do!

Perhaps the biggest question or request we get from potential subscribers is if they could possibly see ScrubKit in action before they decided to formally come on board with us. And in the interests of not only just telling everyone how amazing and fantastic a fraud and risk management solution ScrubKit is but also showing them, we’ve ultimately gone ahead and decided that risk-free demos of the product would be best.

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There’s No Need to Fear, For ScrubKit Is Here!

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages! There is no longer any need to have any kind of fear, stress or any feeling of anxiety towards fraudsters or the definitively titled CPA fraud underground. Why? Well, because ScrubKit is here!

Well, to be fair, we’ve been here for a while. But if you’re just finding out about us, it’s just as exciting to pretend otherwise. But seriously, if you’re in the market for a CPA fraud and risk management solution — regardless of whether you’re a CPA network owner, offer owner or even advertising company owner, we’ve got you covered. And then some.

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It’s Time to Fight Back — With ScrubKit!

Affiliate network, offer and offer company owners usually come in two categories in regards to how they’ve dealt with fraud propagating their company’s infrastructure: those who lost sleep and practically pulled all their hair out dealing with and thinking of it and those who just decided not to think of it at all and pretend it wasn’t even happening.

We’re not saying either group is right or wrong because that would be a pseudo-psychological/philosophical discussion for another day. And preferably a dreary, rainy one. What we are saying though, is that the time for having to be a part of one of the two groups is now long past. Because ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, people of all ages — ScrubKit is here. And it’s here to help you finally fight back against fraud at long last!

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Why Try ScrubKit?

There’s understandably quite a lot of “frequently asked questions” in regards to the ScrubKit service as a whole. No doubt because of the combination of the fact that it works and is so effective while also rapidly taking the CPA fraud industry by storm — seemingly almost overnight.

In the interests of helping to provide easily accessible, in-depth answers to these many different questions, we’ve decided the best route to take would be to simply answer them all here on the blog in this new series/feature. So please do enjoy!

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Why Getting Rid of Publisher Fraud Is So Important

You could chalk it up to any number of things, but for whatever reason, there are many CPA network and offer owners who don’t really know the importance of getting rid of publisher fraud. Maybe they don’t put two and two together and ultimately come to the conclusion that getting rid of publisher fraud is even possible — and essentially will save that vast sums of money both presently and in the future.

Whatever the reason is though, getting rid of publisher fraud is as easy as can be with ScrubKit.

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Looking For The Best CPA Fraud Detection Utility?

When most people think or hear of fraud detection in this industry, they almost always assume that it’s more or less primarily a network problem. And while this is indeed the case for the most part, advertisers and those who own offers that operate within the CPA realm are just as much in need of capable fraud detection methods than network owners. Whichever way you coat it though, both companies are losing money to fraudsters at the end of the day. And as such, a fraud detection service is usually the only way to finally help remedy things.

Or rather — in the interests of being more specific — signing on with ScrubKit is the only way to finally help remedy things.

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The Best CPA Network Risk Company in the Game Today?

Upon immediately realizing that they’re in need of a CPA network risk company to utilize and protect their network/offer against fraud, most people naturally wish to discover which of these company’s is the best. And while there aren’t a ton of fraud and risk management solutions out there on the market today, there is a sizable amount. However, there is literally no doubt about who the best CPA network risk company in the game today actually is.

That’s right, it’s ScrubKit. Without a doubt.

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