Performance Marketing Fraud 101

It’s pretty much common knowledge that there is an all-prevalent problem with performance marketing fraud in the online marketing industry. Anyone who comments otherwise is usually an owner of a CPA network in its beginning stages who is simply in denial. It’s not a problem that any of us like to come to grips with, but we must do so in order to begin fixing the problem and setting up a structure to help prevent against it in the future.

It really goes without saying that the frontrunner in the battle against all of this fraud is ScrubKit. You’ve likely already known this or heard murmurings backing it up, but if you didn’t know then, well… now you do!

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Internet Marketing Risk & You

If you’re not very savvy when it comes to Internet marketing risk, then I have good news, my friend. This post is specifically for you!

Internet marketing risk is easily the biggest problem the industry faces at its current juncture. With so much going well for the industry and it expanding and increasing in global importance every single day, it’s easy to overlook just how much of a problem Internet marketing risk truly is.

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The CPA Fraud and Risk Management Industry

The CPA fraud and risk management industry has been around for nearly as long as CPA marketing has existed. Unfortunately for almost all involved, there haven’t been many all-encompassing CPA fraud and risk management tools that ¬†have managed to offer an entirely efficient solution to the problem at hand.

This isn’t to say that every CPA fraud and risk management product ever created has been terrible. As we’ve said time and time again, there have been — and exist currently — many tools that strive to accomplish one or two things quite well. As we all know full-well, though, fraud is not a problem that can be attacked from only one or two fronts. It must be attacked from all fronts, whilst constantly remaining in an offensively defensive state of readiness.

Such a state of readiness has never been offered by any CPA fraud tools on the market ever before. Or at least, not until ScrubKit arrived on the scene.

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Comprehensive Advertiser Fraud Protection

We talk a lot on here about how ScrubKit can help CPA networks vet the fraud currently present within them and also protect against said fraud in the future. But just as much as it can help CPA networks, ScrubKit can also help with advertiser fraud protection just as much — if not moreso.

Essentially, when it comes to advertiser fraud protection, there isn’t any service better than ScrubKit. And you can take that to the bank. Both literally and metaphorically.

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Don’t Worry, It Gets Better With ScrubKit

Fraud has been a significant, almost all-prevalent problem within the Internet marketing industry for far too long. As with most everything in life, it spawned almost as soon as Internet marketing first was formed, with some people wanting to find a loophole and make money by not doing much of anything, and — unfortunately for all of us — succeeding.

Here at ScrubKit though, we foresee a future where fraud is not an all-encompassing problem. We foresee a future where CPA networks and advertisers don’t need to stay up worrying every night wondering how much they’ll have to pay out to fraudsters this month. We foresee a future where fraud is a problem of the past.

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Got CPA Network Fraud?

In the online marketing realm these days, almost all fraud and risk management services promise to help you reduce any fraud currently existing on your network. They don’t tell you that fraud is a problem for every single CPA network, offer and advertiser out there no matter how much they swear up, down and all around that it isn’t.

We here at ScrubKit on the other hand promise something different. That’s right, we promise to not just help you reduce the fraud currently prevalent on your network, but we instead promise to help you eliminate CPA fraud completely.

So which of the two products will it be?

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ScrubKit and the New Era In CPA Fraud Risk Technology

Fraud risk technology isn’t anything new to the business world at large. However, it is relatively new in the online marketing realm. This is arguably one of the biggest reasons that fraudsters have become such a problem and are so prevalent to quite literally every affiliate network and offer currently online today. While there have been some efforts by some to provide proper fraud risk technology to the industry, it wasn’t until ScrubKit came along that things truly began to change for the better.

Or at least it did if you’re not a fraudster..

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