Properly Monitoring Internet Marketing Fraud

It really goes without saying how important it is to properly monitor internet marketing fraud whenever and wherever possible, regardless of whether you’re a CPA network or offer owner. Unfortunately though, there are still some people out there who don’t know the importance of monitoring internet marketing fraud or how integral it is for them to ultimately run a successful online marketing business.

So let’s take a look and see why monitoring online marketing fraud is so important, shall we?

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The Cake Fraud Dilution Solution

It’s common knowledge that the Cake tracking platform has fast become one of — if not the — best in the business. And you should be commended for your decision to utilize it in combination with your affiliate network.

But you’ve also likely been looking for a Cake fraud detection solution as well. You may have even been looking for quite some time. Thankfully for you though, you’ve finally stumbled upon the ultimate solution to Cake fraud detection. And that solution is, of course, ScrubKit.

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Why Getting Rid of Publisher Fraud Is So Important

You could chalk it up to any number of things, but for whatever reason, there are many CPA network and offer owners who don’t really know the importance of getting rid of publisher fraud. Maybe they don’t put two and two together and ultimately come to the conclusion that getting rid of publisher fraud is even possible — and essentially will save that vast sums of money both presently and in the future.

Whatever the reason is though, getting rid of publisher fraud is as easy as can be with ScrubKit.

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Why Try ScrubKit?

There’s understandably quite a lot of “frequently asked questions” in regards to the ScrubKit service as a whole. No doubt because of the combination of the fact that it works and is so effective while also rapidly taking the CPA fraud industry by storm — seemingly almost overnight.

In the interests of helping to provide easily accessible, in-depth answers to these many different questions, we’ve decided the best route to take would be to simply answer them all here on the blog in this new series/feature. So please do enjoy!

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The Leadgen Fraud Solution

Because of the nature of leadgen offers, many people don’t think that a leadgen fraud solution is even very plausible. Sure, some blatantly false fields of information can be vetted out — such as an obviously deceased person or someone who doesn’t even truly exist, but what about the rest? What about the identity theft realm of fraudsters in the leadgen offer underground?

Well, don’t even worry about that. Regardless of the level of complexity and difficulty in determining if a given lead is legitimate or not, ScrubKit has got every single base covered for you!

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ScrubKit and the New Era In CPA Fraud Risk Technology

Fraud risk technology isn’t anything new to the business world at large. However, it is relatively new in the online marketing realm. This is arguably one of the biggest reasons that fraudsters have become such a problem and are so prevalent to quite literally every affiliate network and offer currently online today. While there have been some efforts by some to provide proper fraud risk technology to the industry, it wasn’t until ScrubKit came along that things truly began to change for the better.

Or at least it did if you’re not a fraudster..

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Scrubkit, Your CPA Form Filling Fraud Solution!

Let’s just come to grips with it straightaway: form filling fraud is an incredibly prevalent problem in the CPA marketing industry. While fraud is an incredibly prevalent problem in the online marketing field in general, if you had to break it down and identify which specific forms of CPA fraud represented some of the biggest portions of the whole pie, form filling fraud would be right up there. So, understandably, you’re no doubt here looking for some kind of solution.

Thankfully, we have some great news for you, because when it comes to form filling fraud (not to mention every other kind of CPA fraud imaginable), there simply is no greater solution than ScrubKit.

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