The Lowdown on CPA Fraud and Risk Management

If you’re reading this then you’re likely involved in some capacity in the CPA/affiliate/internet marketing industry. Due to this involvement, you’re no doubt aware that fraud and risk management has become an increasingly major facet of running a CPA network, offer or advertising company. These days, it’s practically a necessity to run a fraud and risk management solution alongside your network, offer or advertising company and you’re likely in the midst of researching the better of the fraud and risk management solutions within in the industry.

Well, research no more — you’ve found the premier CPA fraud and risk management solution on the market today: ScrubKit!

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Publisher Risk Elimination 101

When it comes to getting rid of publisher risk, it’s not nearly as complicated as it used to be. You know, in the dark ages back before ScrubKit arrived on the scene to save the CPA industry and all. Even so, we’ve still to get the word out to absolutely everyone, so it’s only natural that there are still some people out there who are legitimately concerned after all this time about getting rid of publisher risk.

In case this applies to you, please allow us to enlighten you a bit. But in the interests of manners — let us introduce you to the definitive answer to all of your getting rid of publisher risk problems: ScrubKit!

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CPA Fraud Risk Services For Networks or Advertisers… At Its FINEST!

If you’re in the market for a fraud risk service, no matter whether you’re a CPA network, offer or advertising company owner, then you’ve very likely already heard of ScrubKit. Indeed, you may very well have been wondering what all the fuss was all about. Just why everyone seems to be going goo-goo and gah-gah over this new fraud risk service to take the space by storm.

Well, let’s take a closer look at why ScrubKit is the definitive fraud risk service for you, shall we?

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Got CPA Network Fraud?

In the online marketing realm these days, almost all fraud and risk management services promise to help you reduce any fraud currently existing on your network. They don’t tell you that fraud is a problem for every single CPA network, offer and advertiser out there no matter how much they swear up, down and all around that it isn’t.

We here at ScrubKit on the other hand promise something different. That’s right, we promise to not just help you reduce the fraud currently prevalent on your network, but we instead promise to help you eliminate CPA fraud completely.

So which of the two products will it be?

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Performance Marketing Fraud 101

It’s pretty much common knowledge that there is an all-prevalent problem with performance marketing fraud in the online marketing industry. Anyone who comments otherwise is usually an owner of a CPA network in its beginning stages who is simply in denial. It’s not a problem that any of us like to come to grips with, but we must do so in order to begin fixing the problem and setting up a structure to help prevent against it in the future.

It really goes without saying that the frontrunner in the battle against all of this fraud is ScrubKit. You’ve likely already known this or heard murmurings backing it up, but if you didn’t know then, well… now you do!

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The CPA Fraud and Risk Management Business

The CPA fraud and risk management industry has been around for nearly as long as CPA marketing has existed. Unfortunately for almost all involved, there haven’t been many all-encompassing CPA fraud and risk management tools that ¬†have managed to offer an entirely efficient solution to the problem at hand.

This isn’t to say that every CPA fraud and risk management product ever created has been terrible. As we’ve said time and time again, there have been — and exist currently — many tools that strive to accomplish one or two things quite well. As we all know full-well, though, fraud is not a problem that can be attacked from only one or two fronts. It must be attacked from all fronts, whilst constantly remaining in an offensively defensive state of readiness.

Such a state of readiness has never been offered by any CPA fraud tools on the market ever before. Or at least, not until ScrubKit arrived on the scene.

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The Evolution of ScrubKit

ScrubKit has come quite a long ways over the last few years. Starting out as one of the true trailblazers in the CPA fraud and risk management space, it’s has grown and evolved along with the industry it — in many ways — helped to put on the map.

So here we are nearly halfway through 2014 and there’s really only one question that remains… why in the world are you not yet signed up with ScrubKit yet?

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