Nuts & Bolts

We seamlessly integrate with your affiliate network tracking system — Scrubkit is “Plug and Play.”
Your data is processed in real time and available 24/7/365 via our visually pleasing web interface.

Step 1

We seamlessly and easily integrate with your tracking system via API.

Step 2

Data is processed and analyzed using complex, ever-evolving, multi-tier system of both algorithms and thresholds.

Step 3

Your personalized and heavily analyzed data is streamlined and displayed in our elegant, easy-on-the-eyes web-based interface.

Step 4

Visual alerts and color-coded indicators show you where there is risk and allow you to drill down to a granular level if needed.


We work closely with major tracking system vendors and can even go so far as to integrate with a custom-built tracking system. We are “plug and play” when it comes to integration so no programming is needed on the network side. We capture data in real time via your tracking system’s API. Using this data, we compare the traffic to data points using complex algorithms and meticulously-defined thresholds. The result is an easy to use, visually pleasing web interface effectively allowing you to identify and put a stop to fraudulent activity on your network.

ScrubKit is a solution that is self-managed by the customer yet backed by our highly-knowledgeable, and intensely-dedicated staff. We provide everything you need to get started. We can even pull historical data right from the start so you can get immediate results of possible fraudulent activity. We literally eat, breathe, and sleep fraud. It’s what we do, it’s what we know, and it’s what we feel is necessary to rid the industry of dirty traffic. At any time if you have questions about a fraudulent scenario, know full-well that we’re there to assist you by providing our in-depth knowledge.

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