It is an extremely powerful analytical system that integrates with your affiliate network tracking system to reduce risk. Scrubkit gives you an in-depth view of all fraudulent activity on your network.

Scrubkit is an extremely powerful fraud analytical system with a proven track record of identifying fraud in real time. It’s a living breathing system that is constantly evolving with new trends that emerge – the outcome is a product that allows you sleep better at night knowing you have complete control of your network.

Fraudsters thrive on recycling campaigns and filling forms and lead offers with completely stolen, fake or unacceptable data. Although there are always new tactics popping up that fall under the broad fraud banner, there does exist four specific categories encompassing fraudulent activity as a whole:

Self-Submitted Leads: Any leads or forms submitted with real user information. More often than not this compromises call center and data validation and the advertiser ends up paying for bogus leads.

Scripting/Spoofing: Any traffic in which the location and/or header information is in some way forged. This makes it appear that leads are coming from multiple and legitimate sources.

Proxies: Any traffic or leads generated using proxies to try and hide the real location and/or make it look like leads are coming from various unique locations.

Incentivized: Any traffic driven to a campaign in which incentives were used in an attempt to obtain a lead or conversion on said offer.
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