Isn’t It About Time You Signed On With ScrubKit?

While it may have been a legitimate excuse early on when ScrubKit first burst upon the CPA fraud scene, it’s most certainly not any longer. You know, what with ScrubKit now being THE unanimously heralded CPA fraud and risk management … Continue reading

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What’s So Special About ScrubKit?

It’s a question that almost everyone asks when first coming to the conclusion that ScrubKit is one of the premier CPA fraud and risk management utilities in the game today: Why ScrubKit? What makes ScrubKit better than the other CPA … Continue reading

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To Protect Against CPA Fraud or Not to Protect Against CPA Fraud… Is This Even A Legitimately Serious Question?

Considering it’s such a no-brainer, it’s hard to even imagine anyone wondering or weighing which would be more beneficial: running ScrubKit on their offer, network of offers or CPA network or not running it at all. Regardless of how obvious … Continue reading

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