Your Tireless Search For The Best Possible CPA Fraud Solution Is Finally Over!

Until ScrubKit came along, most network owners searches for capable and effective network fraud tools usually came up fruitless. Even now, with ScrubKit the only real and truly effective network fraud tool on the market, many network owners oftentimes become … Continue reading

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Want to Get Rid of Publisher Fraud?

Of course you do! If you’re currently the owner of a CPA network and looking to get rid of pub fraud, then you really need look no further than ScrubKit. Not only can it help you get rid of pub … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Fight Back… And ScrubKit Is Here to Help!

Many network, offer and advertising owners are understandably hesitant to even consider taking on the fraud that they know full-well is wholly present within their companies. It’s almost as if it appears easier to try and ignore the fact that … Continue reading

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It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, No It’s… ScrubKit!

If you’re reading this than you’re likely, A.) a network owner, B.) an offer owner or, C.) an advertiser owner/employee. Regardless of the specifics, all of these aforementioned groups know full-well how much of a problem fraud is within the … Continue reading

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The Scrubkit “Competition”

While we don’t get asked about it all the time, you can imagine that some people actually do approach us wondering if we could point them in the direction of another CPA fraud and risk management solution alternative to ScrubKit. … Continue reading

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What Can ScrubKit Do For You, Yourself and… You?

You’re likely asking yourself what ScrubKit can do for you. No doubt you’ve heard of us at some point in your affiliate networking travels and endeavors the last few months. We’re a revolutionary and trailblazing new fraud and risk management … Continue reading

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It’s Time… For The ScrubKit Rhyme!

Since I’m really weird and have random moods where I just want to write Dr. Seuss influenced poems for some reason, I’ve decided to funnel this random motivation into something actually productive and not merely for my own personal amusement. … Continue reading

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