ScrubKit and Your Bottom Line

It’s practically common knowledge by now that ScrubKit is hands down the best CPA fraud and risk service in the industry today. And if you didn’t already know then… well, now you do! Perhaps the biggest question or request we … Continue reading

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It’s Time You Put a Stop to CPA Fraud Today with the Help of ScrubKit!

Forget about managing and trying to prevent fraud. Those days are over. Now that ScrubKit is on the scene, you can effectively stop fraudulent activity to your CPA network or offer entirely by simply signing up as a subscriber!

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Ask NOT What You Can Do For ScrubKit, But What ScrubKit Can Do For YOU!

While that was a bit of a play on the actual quote by John F. Kennedy during his Inaugural Address back in 1961, but the concept is still the same. Yes, there are a lot of things that you can … Continue reading

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Got Form Filling Fraud Services? (Why Yes, Yes We Do!)

While these blog posts usually try and pertain to as large a percentage of people as possible, this post — aptly titled, “Why you need a form filling fraud service” will essentially be for advertisers or other offer owners. Namely … Continue reading

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ScrubKit, Fraud Management & You!

One of the biggest questions regarding the ScrubKit service as a whole is exactly how it can help advertisers and CPA network owners in regards to beefing up their fraud management. The truth of the matter is that not only … Continue reading

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Fraud Risk Detection With ScrubKit

Unfortunately, in the Internet Marketing industry most networks and advertisers simply do not have a fraud risk detection system in place. Instead, they tend to try and weed out fraud after it’s already hit and is far too late. Indeed, … Continue reading

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